2022-2023 Meal Plan Options

At PLNU, your room and board experience is more than great food and a nice view. It is a community experience, where students encounter the challenging and rewarding aspects of living in a Christian community, whether that may be at dinner or in your residential hall. Below you will find room and board options that will satisfy the most finicky diners and those who eat throughout the day.

All unmarried students under age 23 who live on campus are required to purchase one of the university’s meal plans. Each meal plan includes a combination of dining room meals & dining dollars which can be used at Point Break Cafe, Bobby B's Coffee Company & Breakers Market.

For more information on costs, check out the resident and meal plan breakdown.

Purchase a commuter plan online! Visit financial services.  Your meal plan may be eligible for use with financial aid!

Unlimited Access + $50 Dining Dollars 
Price: $3,375+$2,810=$6,185 [Room]/Semester 

15 Meals/Week + $50 Dining Dollars
Price: $3,375+$2,525=$5,900 [Room]/Semester

180 Meals/Semester + $200 Dining Dollars (Includes 10 guest meals/semester) 
Price: $3,375+$2,525=$5,900 [Room]/Semester

120 Meals/Semester + $200 Dining Dollars (Includes 10 guest meals/semester)  
Price: $3,375+$2,175=$5,550[Room]/Semester 

Add-On Block 
30 Meals/Semester (only for 120 or 180 block plans) 

Plan C1: $295
10 Meals + $150 Dining Dollars

Plan C2: $295
 15 Meals + $100 Dining Dollars

Plan C3: $295
25 Meals + $25 Dining Dollars
Plan C4: $615
50 Meals + $100 Dining Dollars
Plan C5: $615
60 Meals + $50 Dining Dollars

Plan C6: $615 
75 Meals + $50 Dining Dollars

Meal Plans are required for all students living on campus; all plans are the total number of meals for the summer.

30 Meals
Price: $291.00

40 Meals
Price: $326.00

50 Meals 
Price: $384.00

80 Meals 
Price: $571.00

15 Meals(May Intensive 3-Week Session only)
 Price: $161.00

Add-On: 5 Meals
 Price: $33.00