Because we are responsible for all foods served at our dining locations, we cannot allow you to take food from the facility because storing the food for too long or for any time at an improper temperature poses a health risk.

The meal plans are non-transferable and meant for your use only. This keeps meal plan prices lower for everyone. You are welcome to use your Dining Dollars or SeaLion Dollars to purchase a meal for a friend, however meals from your meal plan are for your use only.

The Dining Dollars you get with your meal plan do not carry over from one semester to the next since it is part of your meal plan. However, SeaLion Dollars that you add to your card do carry over from semester to semester until you are no longer enrolled at PLNU. You can add SeaLion Dollars quickly and easily by visiting here

We have no way of verifying that the number is actually yours. If a mistake is made when the number is punched into the system it may take a meal off another student's meal plan or someone may use your ID number to get into the Dining Room.

We have a vegetarian station & a vegan station available everyday.
We have an icon program in place to make navigating our menus easier.
You can view our online menus & check allergen & nutritional infomation.
Simple Servings is offered at the Dining Hall Monday - Friday during lunch & dinner & is available made to order during the weekends. This station features entrees and sides that are naturally free of milk, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts & gluten. Simple Servings appeals to students who may require specific diets and to those who prefer clean eating. (Although we take precautions, the possibility of cross contamination does exist.)
My Zone is a gluten & nut free pantry in the Dining Hall available everyday to all students. (Although we take precautions, the possibility of cross contamination does exist.)
We partner with the Disabilities Resource Center (DRC) & PLNU Registered Dietitian to give you personalized support to make sure your dining experiece is delicious, nutritious & safe. Send an email to get started.